Friday, February 12, 2021

The 2020 Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap International (IPSR-I) is now available for download.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

The IPSR-I 2020 Roadmap is the result of about 400 academic and industrial experts from across the globe, working in the field of integrated photonic technologies and their applications, coming together to showcase the IPSR-I roadmap. The 2020 roadmap gives a detailed overview of the current status of technologies and applications in which integrated photonic components are used. Above all, it describes the trends, expectations and key needs related to photonic technologies and applications in the near (0-5 years), intermediate (5-10 years) and far (10-20 years) future.

2017 Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap

The 2017 Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap (IPSR) is now available for download.

How to Get Involved

Companies, universities and research institutes interested in integrated photonics are encouraged to participate. Participation and attendance at all meetings of IPSR-I is by invitation, but all stakeholders who are willing to devote time and effort to achieve the goals of IPSR-I are encouraged to participate. Learn more about how to get involved.

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