2018 Webinar Series: Board-Level Optical Interconnect Application Interest Group

Phase 2 Project Proposal

Thursday, July 12, 2018 - 11:00am
  • Terry Smith, 3M Corporation



This webinar will review the proposal for Phase 2 of the iNEMI-IPSR Board-Level Optical Interconnect Project.  The overall goal of the project is to demonstrate and assess performance and practicality of prototype single-mode interconnects between silicon photonic (or InP) based photonic integrated circuits (PICs) at the blade and backplane level. This project is part of the IPSR (Integrated Photonic System Roadmap) Application Interest Groups.
In the successfully completed Phase I project, low-loss expanded-beam connectors suitable for front plane, backplane and mid-plane connections were demonstrated.  Results from this effort will be briefly reviewed.
The focus of this webinar will be on plans for Phase 2 of the project, which will entail designing and fabricating an expanded-beam connector interface suitable for a PIC package.  The interface will consist of an optical coupling element that is aligned and attached to the chip, and couples light from the chip to the expanded-beam connector mounted on the PIC package.  Technical requirements, project needs, timelines, and current project participants, along with opportunities for participation by additional collaborators  will be discussed. 
The presentation will close with a brief introduction to Phase 3 of the project, which plans to investigate optical media embedded in the blade/backplane.

IPSR's Board-Level Optical Interconnect Application Interest Group (AIG). 


This webinar is scheduled for Thursday, July 12, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (North America) and is open to industry. Click here to register. Your confirmation email will provide log-in information along with a link to add the webinar to your calendar.

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