Electronic-Photonic Design Automation

The Electronic-Photonic Design Automation (EPDA) TWG focuses on improving design methodologies for scalable integrated electronic/photonic design. One of the overarching goals for improved methodologies and design tools (e.g., EDA and PDA software) is to enable the many electronics IC design teams of the world to integrate photonic functions into their systems/ASICs/SoCs without requiring low-level physics design and photonics PhDs on their staff (i.e., to make integrated photonics design easier by putting the low-level physics burden into the design tools and models).

Another goal is enabling a robust photonics IP market. This includes analyzing existing methodologies and defining better ways (or standards) for the various forms of design data to move between the various design “steps” of a methodology. 

Twan Korthorst
Chair, Electronic-Photonic Design Automation TWG