Electronic-Photonic Assembly TWG

The IPSR Electronic-Photonic Assembly Technology Working Group (TWG) focuses on the cost and assembly issues resulting from incorporating photonic technology in products and devices. These devices are often non-planar and utilize the third dimension (Z), require submicron location accuracy over the life of the product and "cleanliness" to avoid light loss.  

This TWG addresses both the current situation as well as the emerging needs.  It addresses design philosophy, the role of Hooke's General Law and related need for material properties, joining methods (epoxy, soldering, welding, etc.) and machine capability (accuracy, rates, generic cost, etc.). The process descriptions begin with wafers and then the assembly and joining methods.  The late sections describe Gaps (and by inference developments needed to fill emerging needs), Showstoppers (potential barriers to adoption) and alternate solutions. The next revision of the TWG will add wafer thinning and singulation processes.

NOTE: the PSMC Assembly and Test Chapter that preceded the formation of IPSR combined Assembly and Test in one TWG and chapter.  In the IPSR, Assembly and Test are separated into two chapters.

Richard (Dick) Otte
Chair, Electronic-Photonic Assembly TWG
Yi Qian
Yi Qian
Co-Chair, Electronic-Photonic Assembly TWG