Get Involved

The Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap invites all previous participants in relevant iNEMI, ITRS and MIT MicroPhotonics Technology Working Groups (TWGs), as well as additional stakeholders to participate in this focused “integrated photonics” effort.  Key organizations, including universities, research institutes, SMEs, customers and the vertical supply chain, will be invited to participate.  
Participation and attendance at all meetings of IPSR is by invitation, but all stakeholders who are willing to devote time and effort to achieve the goals of IPSR are encouraged to participate.  There are four ways to participate:
  1. Join one of the eight TWGs by contacting the TWG Chair (see list below)
  2. Attend the IPSR Workshops at MIT by registering on the IPSR website and requesting an invitation to the meetings
  3. Provide functional cost objectives for the IPSR cost emulator
  4. Participate in IPSR surveys

Monolithic Integration TWG
Chair: Lionel Kimerling, MIT    

Packaging of Electronic-Photonic Systems TWG
Chair: Bill Bottoms, Third Millennium Test Solutions (3MTS)   

Connectors TWG
Chair: John MacWilliams, US Competitors   

Assembly TWG
Chair: Dick Otte, Promex Industries
Test TWG
Acting Chair: Dick Otte, Promex Industries
Substrates TWG
Chair: Voya Markovich, Endicott Technologies (retired)

Electronic-Photonic Design Automation TWG
Chair: Brett Attaway, AIM Photonics

Photonic Sensors TWG
Co-Chairs: Ben Miller, University of Rochester; Anu Agarwal, MIT