OFC 2018 Presentations

IPSR Session at OFC 2018
March 12, 2018 / San Diego


Grand Challenges and Key Needs
Professor Kimerling, AIM Academy Executive, MIT

2018 Project Focus of IPSR
Robert Pfahl, Director of Roadmapping, IPSR

Board Level Optical  Interconnect Program Overview
Terry Smith, Senior Staff Scientist, 3M

    Phase 1 Single Mode Connector Evaluation
    Tom Marrapode, Director of Advanced Technology Development, Molex

    Results: 8x25 Luxtera on-board engine testing with Molex SMF lens connectors (Excel file)

Application Interest Groups (AIGs)
     Process Overview & Potential Application Areas, Robert Pfahl,
     Director of Roadmapping, IPSR 

     Proposed IPSR Application Interest Groups, Professor Kimerling,
     AIM Academy Executive, MIT

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