Webinar: What is an Application Interest Group (AIG)?

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Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

Presented by Dr. Robert C. Pfahl, IPSR Director of Roadmapping



In the fall of 2016 AIM Photonics supported the development of the first Application Interest Group (AIG) to prototype a mid-board optical interconnection link. Today this AIG consortium of eight companies and two universities is completing the first phase of the project and planning a second phase.  Based on the success of this pioneering AIG, AIM Photonics Academy is committed to establishing additional groups to develop pragmatic, chip-based solutions for leading-edge applications.
This webinar will explain the role of AIGs in developing a consensus and a plan for technology implementation, including a statement of work (SOW) for project development.  The seminar will explain the linkage among the Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap (IPSR), technical plans, and AIGs that can be formed to address the gaps that the roadmap identifies. Our objective is to explain the function of AIGs in accelerating the introduction of integrated photonic systems, while reducing the financial and technology risk, through consortial efforts. There are four AIGs in development: 
  • Multi-terabit transceiver for datacom
  • Analog RF
  • Mid-range IR photonic sensors
  • CMOS-integrated lidar 
A host of application-specific manufacturing challenges are confronted by each of these integrated photonic system applications.  The immediate imperative is for industry leaders and innovators to come together to: 
  • Analyze system requirements
  • Identify gaps for solutions
  • Prioritize and select the most important gap in each of the four application sectors for system validation demonstrations
These AIGs will also be discussed at the IPSR International Spring Meeting at MIT (Monday March 26). Click here for more information about the Spring Meeting, including registration.  

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