IPSR Webinar Series: Assembly Processes

Thursday, August 24, 2017 - 3:30pm

Assembly Roadmap Update 
Dick Otte, Promex Industries



This webinar addresses the findings of the IPSR Assembly Technology Working Group (TWG), starting with assembly related design needs and including assembly processes (e.g., semiconductor wafer backgrinding, wafer singulation, die attach processes, etc.) The unique needs of photonic assembly are emphasized, including fiber attach, cleanliness, assembly accuracy, and the need for mechanical stability over the lifetime of optical products. The findings for key attributes, gaps, needs and potential solutions will be addressed. Finally, information needed by and from the other IPSR TWGs and PEGs will be addressed briefly.

About the Speaker

Richard (Dick) Otte is Co-Chair of the IPSR Assembly Technology Working Group (TWG) along with Yi Qian of MRSI.
Mr. Otte has been President & CEO of PROMEX Industries Inc. (Santa Clara, California) since 1995. PROMEX is an ISO 9001:2008 and 1348:2003 registered electronics 

Dick Ottemanufacturing services (EMS) provider specializing in heterogeneous assembly of physically small medical, biotech and semiconductor products that incorporate microelectronics.

Prior to joining PROMEX, Mr. Otte was the General Manager of AMP’s (now Tyco’s) Kaptron Passive Fiber Optics Products subsidiary (Palo Alto, California). He was also previously President of Advanced Packaging Systems, a Raychem-Corning joint venture, and worked with Raychem business units for 20+ years where he filled various positions, many related to product development for the electronics industry utilizing unique materials. 
In addition to his role on the IPSR Assembly TWG, Mr. Otte is a member of IEEE, IPC, OSA and MEPTEC. He is also Chair of the Optoelectronics TWG for the iNEMI Roadmap, represents iNEMI on the MIT Communications Technology Roadmap Board, and is a member of the AIM-IP IPSR Advisory Board.
Mr. Otte has a BSEE and MSEE from MIT and an MBA from Harvard University.


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